Plastic and metal INJECTION molding - tools since 1950

Injection molding of plastics

Feronyl, your partner in injection molding of plastics.

Our ultra-modern 12,000m² building is impressive due to its height and luminosity.

It offers our personnel the possibility of working in a pleasant setting, but also and above all of being able to perform the visual inspections that are important during the production with a view to fulfilling your expectations.


Feronyl possesses a wide range of injection presses (some with automatic loading, rapid clamping, robots, etc.), all equipped with extensive commands permitting refined injection parameters, as well as modern accessories for treating technical materials (screws, cylinders, ovens, dehumidifiers, etc.).  

A total of 43 injection presses for injection molding of plastics - whose tonnages range from 10 to 1300 tons - are placed at your disposal in order to handle your productions.


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