Plastic and metal INJECTION molding - tools since 1950

Injection molded

The FERONYL company was founded in 1950 by Denis Dedecker, at the prompting of his son Liévin, aided by his brother Gilbert.

The region was strong in the textile sector and at the time we developed gears made of injected nylon as an alternative to metal ones, hence our name FerOnyl: from Fer (the French word for iron…) to Nylon... . Since the very first start of Feronyl, we have always aimed to reach the highest quality for our injection molded products.


QMS is the procedure that FERONYL applies in order to verify the conformity of the parts produced. Thanks to our ERP system, we can also trace the use of the raw materials. The traceability makes it possible to see at all times and for each batch, what parameters were programmed and what batch of raw material was used.


We are certified with :

  • EN 9100 certification
  • EN 9001 certification

To learn more about injection molded products, you can always contact us at +32 56 85 75 30


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