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Plastic and metal INJECTION molding - tools since 1950
Welcome to Feronyl

Since 1950, Feronyl has been specialized in the injection of technical parts in metal (MIM), composite and plastic materials. On this site you can discover our full range of products as well as our methodology.


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FERONYL has been specialized in the injection of technical parts in metal, composite and plastic materials since 1950.

Our specialties are primarily:
- the transformation of all materials; from the most basic to the most complex, possibly filled with glass or carbon fibers, etc.
- achieving tight tolerances
- performing specific overmoldings (stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, etc.)
- molding on presses having 10 to 1300 tons of clamping force (i.e. parts ranging from 0.5 to 6500 grams)

In addition to that, we also have an MIM (Metal Injection Molding) activity, one in which our partners are putting a great deal of faith, seeing in it a new technology for their future developments.
Worthwhile partnerships are born and develop within an open and enduring relationship between FERONYL and its customers. This entails an intensive and mutual commitment and dialogue from the very first stages of a new project, making it possible to lay the foundations of a long-term relationship. In the field of technical plastics, this notion of partnership is especially essential, because the evolution of the materials is both rapid and complex.

1. Analysis
2. Technical proposal
3. Validation of the project
4. Making the molds
5. Validation of the prototypes and control
6. Delivery
- 2/6/2020: How to De-Risk your projects?
Lockdowns are beginning to lift in some countries, which mean that many are getting back to business while still facing challenges of smaller budgets,
uncertain demand, and tighter resources.
How to De-Risk your projects.pdf

- 27/5/2020: PPSU in medical applications.
Medical devices and accessories are lighter, and easier to customize and clean when they’re made of polymer instead of metal. So for the healthcare industry, PPSU is ready to serve. 
PPSU in medical applications.pdf

- 7/4/2020: Covid19 - Message to our customers: Coronavirus 0704 FER.pdf

- 12/2/2019: Please find hereafter our Brexit conditions: Brexit-12022019V1.pdf

- 12/6/2018: Feronyl sign agreement with BAE Systems to collaborate on engineering and Advanced manufacturing. See this link: agreement-BAE-systems-feronyl.pdf
- 25/5/2018: Aujourd'hui, Feronyl déclare être 100% conforme concernant la nouvelle législation de Protection des Données suivant EU2016/679. Vous pouvez consulter ce document en suivant ce lien: Règlement de protection des données de FERONYL SA Version 2.0.pdf